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Please read these Terms & Conditions (T&C) carefully, as they affect your rights. These T&C are a part of Go Storage’s services, products, and websites (the “Service”), of which BOUTIQUE LOGISTICS LTD. is the service provider (the “Provider”). By accessing the said services or using the said services in any way, you agree that you have understood and shall comply with these T&C described as follows;

Table of Contents

1. Service

1.1 You are entitled to access and store permitted goods and belongings (the Goods) in the unit allocated by the Provider as prescribed in the [-insert the title of the document signed by the client-] (the “Unit”); so long as all fees and all relevant expenses are paid up to date as well as these T&C are all complied.

1.2 You certify that you have the full right to the Goods brought into the common area within Units 109 (1st Floor) and 505-509 (5th Floor) of Summer Point located on Sukhumvit Road, Phra Khanong Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand (the “Common Area”) and the Unit, including the right to manage or permit to manage the Goods as described in these T&C.

1.3 You certify that you have full knowledge of the nature and conditions of the Goods. It is your duty to check and assess that such a Unit is suitable for storing the Goods. The Provider shall offer the Unit for your consideration, but you have the right to inspect such Unit prior to using and choose a suitable Unit.

1.4 This Service, according to these T&C, does not create a tenancy or lease or; mean that the Provider is bailee, custodians, or warehousemen of the Goods. The Provider does not have and will not be deemed to have knowledge of the Goods, of the nature, or conditions of any Goods. It is your duty to take care of the safety of the Goods in the Unit.

1.5 Subject to the regulations of the location where the Unit is situated, you are entitled to use the area outside of the Unit as a Common Area only for temporary transportation of the Goods only in the manner that is deemed necessary and proper in the opinion of the Provider. On the condition that you must not engage in any activity that bars or obstructs others from using the Common Area. You agree that you may be denied any access to the Common Area should the Provider find that the use of the Common Area may violate the regulations of the location where the Unit is situated.

1.6 You must not take into or store any of the following in the Unit and the Common Area: any chemical with NFPA 704 ratings deemed unsuitable by the Provider (flammability higher than 0, Health higher than 1, Instability higher than 0, or with any special notice), toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods, firearms, munitions or explosives, radioactive materials, flammable or hazardous goods, living plants or animals, any item emitting fumes, odor or smell, food or perishable goods, cash and securities, fireworks, illegal goods, waste, tires, narcotics substance, and anything bearing a weight exceeding the limit as published by the Provider at each location. The Provider is not only entitled to check the Goods before you bring in and between the storing of but is also entitled to prohibit you from taking in or storing the said Goods. The Provider is, however, entitled to consider each case on a case-by-case basis.

1.7 You are responsible for locking or securing the Unit, and the responsibility of opening and closing the Unit is yours alone. The Provider has no duty to lock or close the Unit on your behalf. In the event that you have failed to lock or close the Unit or the key has been misplaced, the Provider is not responsible for the risk of the loss or damage of the Goods in the Unit.

1.8 You shall have only one account with the Provider, even if you have more than one Unit with the Provider.

1.9 You are entitled to use and access the Service any time during and outside of the Office Hours declared by the Provider.

1.10 Only you, the person(s) accompanied by you, or the person(s) in possession of your PIN code are entitled to use the Service. Any such person shall be treated as your agent; therefore, you are responsible and liable to the Provider or to others for any loss and damage caused by such person as your own act.

1.11 The Provider is entitled to know the name and personal information of the person(s), including you, accessing the Common Area and the Unit. The Provider is entitled to refuse any person who is unidentified or unable to provide satisfactory proof of identity to access the Common Area and the Unit.

1.12 You must not engage in any activity such as manufacture, assemble, construct, repair, implement, etc., in any area other than storing the Goods. You are not allowed to change the Unit, adapt the structure, or install racks or any material in the Unit except only in the case that the Provider grants you permission in writing prior to doing so.

1.13 The Service, according to these T&C, shall not give you or other person(s) any possession of the Unit. The Provider is entitled to relocate your Unit to another Unit, which shall not be smaller than your Unit. The condition precedent and processes of relocation shall be as follows;

(a) Only in the event of reparation, improvement, or prevention of incidents which, in the Provider’s opinion, requires the Unit or any part to be closed, the Provider shall notify you to relocate your Goods by written notice. The Provider shall give you time to complete the relocation within seven days since you received the notice.

(b) If you are unable to complete the relocation by yourself within the said time limit, the Provider is entitled to relocate your Goods. The loss or damage of your Goods shall be at your own risk.

(c) The right of the Provider to access the Unit shall be as described in these T&C except agreed otherwise.

1.14 You are required to comply with any law, act, regulations, and by-laws that relate to your Goods.

2. Service Fee

2.1 After making a booking for the Unit, you are required to pay the service fee for the Unit within the due date described and specified by the Provider.

2.2 In the event that you terminate the booking, all of the suspense debt(s) (not-yet due debt) shall be due immediately.

3. Default and Sanction

3.1 If you do not make prompt payment of your debt, you agree that you shall pay a fine at the rate as specified in the Provider’s invoice of the unpaid amount. Moreover, you also agree that;

(a) You accept that the Goods are left in the Unit at your sole risk. The Provider shall be excluded from any liability in respect of the Goods since the debt is overdue.

(b) You, person(s) accompanied by you, person(s) authorized in writing by you, or person(s) nominated by you (if any), are prohibited from accessing the Common Area and the Unit until the Provider has received full payment of debt.

(c) You agree to pay the Provider the necessary and proper maintenance fee to maintain the Goods stored in the Unit in full within seven days after receiving the notice from the Provider. Failing to pay such a fee will result in a default for which you agree to pay a fine.

(d) In the event that you received a notice from the Provider to pay the unpaid debt but you fail to pay the unpaid debt in full to the Provider within thirty days after receiving such notice. You agreed that the Provider is entitled to remove the Goods from the Unit for selling, transfer ownership of the Goods, or dispose the Goods at the discretion of the Provider.

3.2 The procedure of selling the Goods mentioned above and deducing the debt shall be as follows;

(a) The Provider is entitled to use any method and any price calculation to sell or transfer ownership of the Goods as the Provider sees suitable, taking into account the difficulty and the expense of selling in order to obtain a reasonable price. In the case that the selling is proceeded by auction or tender offer, the Provider shall send a notice to you for the date, time, and place. As well as give you at least seven days prior to the date of auction or end of the tender process.

(b) In the case that the Provider is unable to sell the Goods within a reasonable time, you allow the Provider to dispose of the Goods by any method that the Provider sees suitable.

(c) In the case that there are any expenses resulting from selling or disposing of the Goods (including any fee; cleaning expense, transportation expense), you agree to be responsible for such fees. The proceeds received from selling the Goods shall be deducted first to pay such expenses, then deducted second to pay the unpaid debt.

(d) In the case that the proceeds from the selling of the Goods are insufficient to discharge any expense or debt, you agree to pay any balance in full and also agree to pay a fine for the unpaid debt until the unpaid debt is paid in full.

(e) In the case that the proceeds from the selling of the Goods are sufficient, the Provider shall return the balance to you (without interest) within 30 days after the date of liquidation.


3.3 You agree that the Provider is entitled to manage the Goods or any property placed and left outside of the Unit or in the Common Area by using the procedures described herein mutatis mutandis.

4. Right of the Provider to access the Unit

4.1 The Provider shall not access the Unit except stipulated by law, act, regulations, or by-laws in the case(s) described below;

(a) In the case of emergency such as natural disaster, incident, occurrence, theft, etc. 

(b) In the case of reparation, maintenance, or improvement 

(c) In the case that there is a reasonable ground to suspect that you have failed to perform any of your duties according to the law or these T&C 

(d) In the case that there is a lawful order, writ of a government officer, or of the court. 

(f) In the case that the Provider has to perform the relocation of your Unit. 

(g) In the case of emergency, to prevent or mitigate any loss or damage against any person or property. 

(h) In the case that you have defaulted, the Provider is obliged to manage the Goods according to these T&C.


4.2 If you fail to provide cooperation to the Provider to access the Unit, you agree and consent that the Provider may destroy the keys or blocks you installed as the Provider deems appropriate to access the Unit.

5. Responsibility for loss or damage

5.1 The Service under these T&C does not provide insurance coverage for the Goods stored within your Unit unless you have accepted insurance service from the Provider or from an insurer directly. 

5.2 You agree that you shall not engage in any activity that violates the building’s regulations or rules or any property insurance policy between the Provider and the insurer. In the case that you have been given a notice by the Provider and have not corrected your activity within the time limit set out in said notice, you agree that the Provider is entitled to terminate the Service immediately. 

5.3 In the case that the Unit becomes damaged, you will be responsible for the reparation cost. The sourcing of the reparation contractor will be done by the Provider.

6. Termination of Contract

6.1 You are entitled to terminate the Service at any time by paying the unpaid debt to the Provider in full. 

6.2 The Provider is entitled to terminate the Service under the condition that you have defaulted or violated these T&C. 

6.3 You are obliged to remove all of your Goods from the Unit and return the Unit to the Provider immediately upon termination of the Service, and the management of the Goods in No.3 and No.4 of these T&C shall be applied to this case mutatis mutandis.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1 The Provider is the sole owner of all intellectual property relating to product, service, website, right, logo, seal, etc. 

7.2 The Provider shall not transfer or allow you, or others to use such intellectual property except in the case that the Provider has given consent in writing.

8. Privacy Policy

8.1 Personal Information such as email address, name, home or work address, postcode, telephone number etc. which the Provider received from you by any channel, shall be protected according to personal data protection laws. 

8.2 The Provider shall use your personal information only for communication purposes, to contact, to provide service(s), to maintain public relations, or to provide news updates; including a survey for your opinion on the business or activities of BOUTIQUE LOGISTICS LTD. and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies. 

8.3 The Provider shall use your personal data for tracking online movement across our websites. The Provider shall not sell or give the personal information received from you to any third party without your consent. 

8.4 In the case of an external party(s) outsourced by the Provider involving the use of your personal information such as sending postal mail, analysis on statistical data of business activities of the Provider, the Provider is obliged to control such party(s) to implement the obligation in this No.8. 

8.5 You agree and allow the Provider to use such data for the duration of the Service and no less than five additional years. Such data will be destroyed or turned into non-personal data or handled by the Provider according to the Provider’s Privacy Policy.

You can contact the Provider’s personal data controller at: 

Attention to: Data Protection Officer 

BOUTIQUE LOGISTICS LTD. Address: 170/67, 21th Floor Ocean Tower 1, Ratchadaphisek Road, Klongtoey Sub- district, Klongtoey District, Bangkok 10110 

Tel. +66(0) 2620 8777 

Email: dpo@boutiquecorporation.com using the subject: Personal Data


9. Notice

9.1 Any notice, including notices and dialogues, between the Provider and you that has been performed via the solution(s) described below shall be legal and acceptable. It shall be deemed that the receiver has full knowledge of the content, whether the receiver has opened and read the content or not.

(a) By e-mail(s):

You: The email address specified by you in your signed T&C or an email address which you have used to contact the Provider.

The Provider: Please refer to ‘Contact Us’ page of the Provider’s website.

(b) By registered postal mail(s) together with postal receipt

9.2 The Service provided through communication channels such as website, email, or telephone is prone to be affected by delays and errors, which the Provider shall not be responsible for.


10. Other terms and Conditions

10.1 The Provider is entitled to issue a new T&C and new rate for service fee expense. You are entitled to reject the new version of such. By rejecting, you agree that the Service shall be terminated immediately. By continuing to use the Service, you agree that you accept the new version of such change. 

10.2 While the Provider may decide not to exercise or enforce any right according to these T&C. It does not imply that the Provider has waived its right. The waiving of the right shall be proceeded in writing only. 

10.3 In the case that any terms in these T&C are invalid, illegal, or unenforceable to any extent, such terms shall be considered to be removed from these T&C, and the remaining terms will continue to be valid and will not be affected in any way. 

10.4 You are unable to assign any of your rights under these T&C to any other person without the Provider’s prior written consent. 

10.5 Where you are using a joint account containing two or more persons under the same account, each person takes on the obligations under these T&C in full. 

10.6 The Provider is entitled to inquire for information and request you to complete a risk assessment form and/or KYC (Know-Your-Client) form for the interest of the Unit management. You are obliged to inform and complete the risk assessment form and/or KYC form with only the truth within the time set forth by the Provider. 

10.7 These T&C shall be construed and governed by Thai Law.

11. Cancellation and change Policy

11.1 All paid bookings are non-refundable.

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